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June 12th, 2014    

Episode 40: Spring Sports Wrapup

On this episode, we’ll be talking about all of the spring sports, with a post-season wrap-up from the coaches, including Men's Lacrosse Coach Erik Foust, Women’s Lacrosse Coach Diana Carey and Track & Field Co-Coach Steve Musselman.

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April 25th, 2014    

Episode 39: Lacrosse Postseason Preview & Track and Field Goes to Penn Relays

On this episode:

We’ll dive right into the postseason for HCC’s lacrosse teams.

Men’s coach Erik Foust and Women’s coach Diana Carey join us in the studio to talk about their Region Twenty matchups.
Plus, we'll meet Women's Lacrosse players Rachel Hunter and Erica Heaphy.

And, it’s a big weekend for HCC’s track and field squad as they head to the Penn Relays.  We'll hear from Co-coach Errick Henlon, along with sprinters Tamara Okoya and Brian Crandell.

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April 3rd, 2014    

Episode 38: Spring Sports Finally Go Outside

On this episode:

We catch up with the coaches for HCC’s Spring sports.

Track and field co-coaches Steve Musselman and Erick Henlon tell us how the team is going to defend its national championship.
Women’s lacrosse coach Diana Carey tells us about some of her new players.

Men’s lacrosse coach Erik Foust looks back on a contentious matchup against Nassau.
And all the coaches let us know how the harsh winter weather affected their training.

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